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UiPath Developer

About the job

Job Title: UiPath Developer

Experience: 3-5 years

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Job Description:

Primus is seeking a skilled and experienced Mid-Level UiPath Developer to join our RPA team. The developer will be writing RPA bots for our customers. They will be required to work under our RPA Business Analyst/Project Manager, and collaborate with the client’s Core RPA team, and occasionally with the client’s cross-functional teams/end users to understand the specifications and build high-quality, performant bots.

Key Responsibilities:

Develop and maintain RPA solutions using UiPath, ensuring they are efficient, reliable, and adhere to best practices.

Additional Details:

Bot Development: Create, configure, and test UiPath bots to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and improve operational efficiency.

Bot Deployment: Manage the deployment of RPA bots, both attended and unattended, to production environments while ensuring minimal disruption.

Quality Assurance: Implement rigorous testing and debugging processes to ensure the reliability and accuracy of RPA solutions.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Continuously monitor RPA processes and troubleshoot any issues or exceptions. Perform regular maintenance and updates to bots as needed.

Documentation: Maintain comprehensive documentation of RPA solutions, configurations, and changes made to ensure transparency and future

Training and Support: Provide training and support to client end-users and junior developers to enable them to work with RPA applications effectively.

Compliance and Security: Ensure RPA solutions that we build adhere to data security and compliance standards. Implement access controls and encryption if necessary.


- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

- 3-5 years of hands-on experience as a UiPath Developer, including designing and deploying RPA solutions.

- UiPath Developer Certification is preferred

- Strong knowledge of RPA concepts, best practices, and methodologies.

- Proficiency in UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, and other UiPath tools.

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Client Contract Administrator

About the job

Job Title: Client Contract Administrator

Location: Duluth

Experience: 4+ years

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Job Description:

Primus Software Corporation is seeking for a highly motivated and detail-oriented Client Contract Administrator to join the team. As a Client Contract Administrator, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless management of end-client contracts.


- Client Contract Management: Act as the primary point of contact for our clients for all contract-related matters, including the review of new contracts. Oversee and administer end-client contracts, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and timely renewals.

- Consultant Management: Simultaneously, handle coordination with Primus Software's contractors working at client sites, conducting wellness checks, requesting referrals, identifying new job opportunities within the consultant group, and collecting resumes of consultants finishing their contracts for remarketing efforts.


- Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, HR, or relevant industry experience.

- Previous experience in contract administration or client management is preferred.

- Dealing with MSA’s or agreements.

- Consultant Coordination, Vendor Coordination & Client coordination.

- Strong organizational skills with an eye for detail.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

- Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

- Proficiency in MS Office Suite and contract management software.


- Competitive salary and benefits package.

- Opportunities for professional growth and development.

- A supportive and collaborative work environment.

- The chance to work with industry-leading clients.

If you are a proactive, detail-oriented individual with a passion for client contract management, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity to join the Primus.

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Senior .Net Developer

About the job

Job Title: Senior .Net Developer

Location: Noida

Experience: 4+ years

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Job Description:

Primus is currently seeking a Senior .NET developer to join our development team at our NOIDA office. You will be a part of a fast-paced, team environment where you will be responsible for software design, development, and testing of client applications.

Skills Required:

- Who has a strong development background in .NET (experience with .Net Core 2+ years).

- Strong SQL Server development and performance tuning skills.

- Should have good knowledge of Microsoft design patterns.

- Should be proficient in understanding object-oriented approaches to software development and web services.

- Clear understanding of separating the business logic from the data access.

- Experience setting up the framework for both the back-end and the connectivity between UI and the backend and monitoring application performance and security.

- Familiarity with rules engine, and workflow engine.

- Strong knowledge of standards-based connectivity with 3rd party systems.

- Ability to observe commonality across multiple use cases and group that commonality so that reuse could be achieved.

- Knowledge of creating a cloud deployable system (Azure Dev ops).

- Ability to create a vision and help the team see that vision and execute it.

- Understanding DDD (Domain Driven Design) will be an added advantage.

- Hands-on experience of interaction with clients.

- Good exposure to the understanding of the Business domain.

Person specification (essential):

- 4+ years of proven experience in developing .NET web-based applications to consistent quality standards.

- 2+ years of experience in ASP.NET CORE, WEB API, MVC, STRING SQL, C#.NET, JavaScript, and JQuery.

- 4+ years of experience in an Agile Development environment.

- 3+ years of experience in building applications with SQL Server 2008R2 and 2012R2 using stored procedures.

- 3+ years of experience in consuming and developing Web services.

- 3+ years of experience with SSRS and stored procedures.

- 3+ years of experience with ADO.NET, LINQ, and Entity Framework.

- 3+ years of experience with WCF, Visual Studio, and TFS.

- 2+ years of experience in software design and analysis techniques and tools.

- Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

- Well organized and determined to deliver a quality solution.

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Quality Assurance

About the job

Job Title: Quality Assurance

Location: Noida

Experience: 4+ years

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Job Description:

Primus is looking for an experienced candidate who has completed at least one life cycle of ISO 9001/ ISO 27001/ SOC 2 Type 2 assessment and is involved in the policy modifications, evidence collection and audit. In addition to helping organizations meet standards set forth by ISO & SOC, provides valuable guidance on how best to improve existing practices so that the company can remain compliant with future regulations.


- Experience in Defining process, Process excellence and Process improvement in the Software development industry.

- Must have worked on ISO 9001/ ISO 27001 processes for a Software Development Company and has experience in writing processes, training teams, and conducting audits.

- Must have experience in firefighting in Azure AD/ Intune/ AWS/ Azure/ Data Protection tools.

- Must have handled Incident Management for the organization.

- Must be able to analyze security incidents and take corrective actions.

- Must have exposure to ISO 27001 and SOC 2 processes and controls. Should able fine tune the IT system as per requirements.

- Must have done risk assessment evaluation for software projects/ IT assets.

- Should be able to conduct IT-related security training.


- Candidate having completed at least one life cycle of ISO 9001/ ISO 27001/ SOC 2 Type 2 assessment and involved in the policy modifications, evidence collection and audit.

- Experience Monitoring the audit cycle program to ensure it remains effective and up to date.

- Experience in ISO, SOX or SOC reviews/testing.

- Good Learning aptitude.

- Good communication skills - Oral, Writing and Listening.

- Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

- Internal Audit, SOC1 SOC2 and ISO 27001 Audits.

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AWS DevOps Engineer

About the job

Job Title: AWS DevOps Engineer

Location: Noida

Experience: 4+ Year

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Job Description:

Primus is looking for an experienced AWS DevOps Engineer to join our team and take ownership of our cloud infrastructure and deployment processes. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in managing our Azure to AWS container deployments, optimizing AWS ECS services, and leading the migration of CloudFormation (CFT) templates to Terraform.


- Use Generative AI to develop innovative enterprise solutions for our clients in the insurance sector. This may involve developing solutions for tasks such as fraud detection, risk assessment, customer segmentation, and product development.

- Interact with clients to understand their business needs and develop data-driven solutions using Generative AI. This may involve conducting interviews, reviewing data, and developing prototypes.

- Provide thought leadership to clients on the latest trends and best practices in Generative AI for the insurance sector. This may involve giving presentations, writing blog posts, or developing white papers.

- Engage with AI/ML developers to implement and deploy Generative AI solutions. This may involve reviewing code, providing feedback, and helping to debug problems.

- Align with clients' cloud infrastructure teams to ensure that the right resources and services are provisioned for Generative AI solutions. This may involve working with cloud architects to design and implement cloud-based solutions.

- If you are a proactive, detail-oriented individual with a passion for client contract management, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity to join the Primus.

Additional Skills:

- Proficiency in Azure DevOps pipelines and service connections.

- Strong scripting and automation skills (e.g., Python, Bash).

- Experience with infrastructure as code tools such as Terraform.

- Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently.

- Strong communication and teamwork skills. AWS certifications – Developer Associate or Professional (Preferred

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Data Scientist

About the job

Job Title: Data Scientist

Location: Noida/Remote

Experience: 10 Year

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Job Description:

Primus is looking for a highly experienced Data Scientist with overall IT experience involving data extraction, data wrangling/munging, data pre-processing, data warehousing. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of data science principles and practices.


- Demonstrable proficiency in Python. PySpark would be advantageous. Use of python libraries like Scikit learn, Scipy, Pandas, Numpy.

- Data mine structured and unstructured data and perform Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) to identify patterns and trend. Enrich the available data landscape with open source and web scraping data. Worked with Scrapy and Beautiful Soup

- Conduct feature engineering and data pre-processing by using techniques like missing data imputation, data wrangling and cleaning, handling outliers, binning, transforming, scaling, normalizing/standardizing, encoding, grouping and Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

- Explore and interrogate data sources available to identify/integrate key attributes. Linked Data and Knowledge Graph mining would be advantageous

- Create compelling descriptive and prescriptive data driven stories to provide meaningful insights for business decision making using Data Modelling, Statistical Data Analysis, Geo-Spatial Analytics, Natural Language processing (NLP) and share with key stakeholders using Interactive Visualizations. Worked with Plotly, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh. NLP models like Spacy, Fasttext, Gensim Word2Vec, NLTK

Develop Machine Learning models for Predictive Analytics using Regression, Clustering, Classification and Time Series Forecasting for effective, efficient, and impactful solutions to business processes/problems. Analyse, validate, and tune models based on various metrics and identify feature importance of contributing attributes.


- Degree in Quantitative field (Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering or related field)

- Postgraduate degree, diploma, certificate in Data Science desirable

- 10 years of overall IT experience involving data extraction, data wrangling/munging, data pre-processing, data warehousing

- 8 years’ experience in data related roles like data analyst, business analyst, MI reporting, BI Developer, data modelling

- 5 years’ experience in Python

- 5 years’ experience in machine learning, predictive analytics, statistical data analysis, NLP and data visualization

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